Top Tips to Relieve Pain from TMJ
Top Tips to Relieve Pain from TMJ

Top Tips to Relieve Pain from TMJ

In all probability, you do not give too much thought to your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) despite using them a lot. Connecting your skull to the jaw bone, these joints are among the most important of all in your body. Did you know that you end up using your temporomandibular joints every time you open your mouth to talk, swallow, or chew? The disorders related to TMJ surface when something goes wrong with your jaw muscles or jaw joints. More often than not these take place because of jaw injury or inflammation. The ensuing discomfort necessitates TMJ pain treatment at the earliest. You also need to consult a specialist to understand the best exercises and diet for TMJ treatment.

Here, we intend to collate some exercises that you should perform even as you begin your TMJ treatment.

Symptoms of TMJ

Before you search for 'TMJ specialist doctor near me,' it is important to understand some mild to debilitating tell-tale signs of the same. These symptoms can be managed, controlled, and alleviated by the appropriate TMJ pain treatment undertaken by you.

  1. Pain while chewing.
  2. Popping, grating or clicking sounds in the jaw while opening or shutting your mouth.
  3. Locking of the joints of the jaw.
  4. Pain in the face, ear, neck, and jaw.
  5. Headaches, etc.

Best Exercises and Diet for TMJ treatment

Performing the right TMJ exercises helps in increasing the opening of the mouth to a larger extent than is possible by using a mouth guard by patients with TMJ disc displacement. Along with relieving TMJ pain, these exercises also improve the movement of joints in the jaw.

1. Relaxed Jaw Exercise
Rest your tongue on top of your mouth gently behind the upper side of your front dental setup. Allow your teeth to remain apart while relaxing the muscles in your jaw.

2. Goldfish Exercises (Opened Partially)
Take your tongue to the roof of the mouth and place one finger directly in front of the ear, right where the TMJ is located. Then, place your middle finger right on the middle of your chin. Post that, drop the lower jaw and close it halfway. There may be mild resistance during the course of this exercise but you will feel no pain.

You may want to vary this exercise by placing one finger on either TMJ even as you allow your lower jaw to drop halfway and then close it again. It is recommended that you perform the exercise in a set that comprises of six repetitions.

3. Goldfish Exercises (Opened Fully)
Keep your tongue on the top of your palate while placing one finger on the chin and another on your TMJ joint. Allow your lower jaw to drop down fully. As a variation of the same exercise, you can place one finger on either TMJ and drop the lower jaw. Repeat the exercise six times with an aim of completing one set daily.

4. Chin Tucks
Keep your shoulders back and pump your chest up. Then, pull up your chin straight back so as to create a “double chin.” Remain in this position for three seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Way Forward
Along with performing these exercises, you may want to try out over-the-counter pain relief providers of the likes of ibuprofen or acetaminophen for relieving TMJ pain. A soft diet would allow the TMJ to remain relaxed so switch to one such diet to relieve you of pain further. In case your symptoms persist, do opt for TMJ treatment in Orange County on the double to relieve yourself.

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