WordPress Blog Tutorial - How To Start A WordPress Blog For Free 2018

This wordpress blog tutorial will tell you how to start a wordpress blog for free. Starting and setting up your own WordPress blog for free is not so difficult process. This wordpress blog tutorial is specially designed for beginners.

If you don't have idea about creating your own blog then you tend to hire a wordpress designer or pay more for your wordpress hosting, themes, and plugins.

My main motive is to educate beginners w.r.t how to start a wordpress blog for free or with a very little investment that will not pinch you much. Many people start their blog and then shut it down without knowing the reason for their blog failure.

As a blogger it is important to get the organic traffic via search engines and ultimately getting approval for Google Adsense. If you are not getting Adsense approval for your blog you must not lose the hope and try for better Adsense alternatives.

Before we proceed ahead you must go through my previous blog post where we have discussed basic Introduction to blogging and also about the various platforms that facilitate creating a blog like WordPressJoomlaDrupalWixSquarespaceWeeblyMediumGhostTumblr,

JimdoBloggerShopifyMagnetoGoogle Sites.

But when you talk about the blogging platform my favorite is wordpress. Wordpress offers seamless feature with tons of themes and plugins. This complete tutorial is based on how to create a blog in wordpress step by step.


Let's Start With WordPress Blog Tutorial



The major factors on which the selection of blogging platform depends are:-

  • Type of blog you want to create
  • Selecting domain names for the blog
  • Supported web hosting providers for the platform and cost
  • Basic plugins and themes required for the blog
  • Support availability for the platform

Above mentioned are the basic requirement for creating your own wordpress blog else one will land up paying more money for web hosting, WordPress Plugins, and WordPress Themes.

Few of the hosting platforms mentioned above are chargeable and selection of blogging platform becomes an important key structure for creating a blog.

We will be discussing all the above factors in details for better selection of the blogging platform. Currently, we will be restricting our tutorial till creating the WordPress Blog.