Roblox Zombie Attack Gamelog - August 23 2018

Roblox Zombie Attack Gamelog - August 23 2018


Roblox Zombie Attack Gameplay! Playing HARD MODE and HUGE PILE OF ZOMBIES! Scream Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:22 Joining the game!
0:05:28 Boss - Mega Tank - WE WON!
0:18:15 Trolling the Zombies!
0:24:31 Dead by the Giant pile of zombies!
0:24:35 Respawn as a Zombie!
0:26:32 Boss - King Slime - We Won!
0:30:03 Dead again by another BIGGER Pile of Zombies!

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-- Roblox Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra

-- About Zombie Attack
Welcome to Zombie Attack!
Team up with your friends as you earn new weapons to survive the most waves possible! Fight the boss and kill rare zombies for even better rewards and become the best zombie hunter ever!

Roblox Zombie Attack Created 5/12/2018, Updated 8/21/2018, Max Players 20, Genre Fighting. (Online Multiplayer Game, #ZombieAttack)

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Roblox Zombie Attack Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim August 2018 Gamelog / #ChloeLim Channel / #ZombieAttack #Roblox


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