Roblox Wormy Gamelog - October 08 2020

Roblox Wormy Gamelog - October 08 2020

???? ROBLOX WORMY! Escaping new CHAPTER 5 and Becoming GRANDPA WORM!

In this video, I played Roblox WORMY, I escaped the new Chapter 5 Pier map and got to be GRANDPA WORM too!

There is currently five chapters in this game: Chapter 1 - Camping Center Map, Chapter 2 - The Mine Map, Chapter 3 - Lab Map, Chapter 4 - Sewers Map and the NEW Chapter 5 - Pier Map!

The game Wormy was Inspired by Piggy + Flee the Facility!

Each round, players are given the role of survivor or Killer / Wormy. The objective of the survivors is to finish tasks and escape before the timer runs out, while avoiding the Killer Wormy and saving the other players when they are stunned. The objective of Wormy is to kill to prevent them from escaping. Once the Wormy stuns a player, the other players can save them by getting to them in a given time before they die, also if Wormy stays too close to the stunned player, the stunned player won't die.

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0:01:51 Joined a round and it is the NEW Chapter 5 Pier Map!

0:03:24 Found a wrench but didn't know where to bring it to! Found out much later that I had to bring it to a Blue Tent with a BIG GREEN CIRCLE next to the car park!

0:04:43 The Escape is Open, need to get on a bus!

0:05:37 Decided to play for one more round because I DIDN'T DO anything last round!


0:06:11 WAIT why is there another wormy in here with me?

0:09:00 I won as Wormy!

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-- About Wormy



More story for the first chapter was well as some certain secrets O-o

Super alpha, more chapters??? 

Inspired by Piggy + Flee the Facility 

Roblox Wormy Created 5/13/2020, Updated 9/30/2020, Max Players 6, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Wormy, Update, Chapter 5, Pier Map)

-- Yesterday Gamelog

- ROBLOX ISLANDS! Meet MOLLY the COW and Flying Buffalkors! AUTO GOLD COLLECTOR! -

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

Roblox Wormy Gameplay / Chloe Lim October 2020 Gamelog / #Wormy / #Chapter5 / #Update

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