Roblox Wonder Woman Gamelog - June 27 2020

Roblox Wonder Woman Gamelog - June 27 2020


???? Roblox Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience! How to get Wonder Woman Shorts and Golden Axe! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience! I will show you how I got two of the virtual item, the Wonder Woman Shorts and the Golden Axe. There are currently five items you can buy with in game coins (which you can earn by simply exploring the world and completing simple quests) and three items you can buy with robux! The chance to spend your in-game currency to unlock awesome Wonder Woman accessories and outfits for your avatar, with even more items charging into action over time.

Roblox has teamed up with DC to bring you an all-new way to explore their incredible universe of characters, stories, and locations—starting with one of their most iconic Super Heroes, Wonder Woman! The DC universe is coming to Roblox as part of an all-new series of ever-evolving, immersive experiences where you’ll be able to play, watch exclusive videos, and interact with your favorite brands like never before. We’re kicking things off with one of DC’s most iconic Super Heroes: Wonder Woman!
Champion of Truth. Warrior for Peace. Born of mythological royalty on the paradise island of Themyscira and raised as a princess, young Diana trains to become a warrior for her people and the world at large.
You might know Diana as a strong leader who’s both a princess and a brave warrior, but how well do you know her paradise island home of Themyscira? Jump in today to discover her mythical birthplace and all of the secrets and treasures that await!
Explore this hidden island home and take on incredible adventures as you follow in the footsteps of Diana. Hone your skills in heroic challenges on your quest to become a champion of the island. Unlock an epic collection of special gear featuring some of Wonder Woman’s most iconic outfits and accessories. Each item you obtain from the in-game shops can be worn outside of the experience, so you can show off your Wonder Woman spirit wherever you go on Roblox.
This is just the first in an all-new series of immersive experiences where you’ll be able to play, watch exclusive videos, and interact with your favorite brands. These places will be permanent additions to Roblox, with the ability to expand and evolve over time with new content. As a natural leader and fearless warrior, Wonder Woman is the perfect character to spearhead this launch. We’re so excited to bring these unique experiences to life and help connect you with the worlds you know and love.

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:59 After you spawn, follow the arrow and talk to Diana who is Wonder Woman! (You will get 20 coins for entering the Main Temple)
0:05:13 Starting my climb to the top of the mountain for another two quest!
0:06:22 Once you reach the mountain top, you get another 20 coins! Look for a round disk that floats, go on it and travel to the top for another 20 coins!
0:09:06 Look for a big ship and talk to the quest giver Faruka to get on the ship and get another 20 coins!
0:09:58 This building to the left if the location of the Armory! You go down to the dungeon and you get 20 coins straight away!
0:11:10 Sorry the game glitch and I was back to spawn! I might as well buy the Wonder Woman Shorts First!
0:12:11 I checked the building to the right and found the Oracle's Temple! (there's a total of 40 coins to be earned here)
0:13:15 Back in the Armory to complete the quests here! First to find Lo at the lava bucket area!
0:14:07 On the quest for both COINS and SWORD! Find 5 INGOTS!
0:18:00 After you finish this quest, you get both coins and a sword! Which you need in a later quest!
0:18:31 Of cause more coins for using the portal here too!
0:18:56 You still need to talk to Artemis one more time for another quest that will give you lots of coins! It is repeatable so it give you quite a lot of coins!
0:20:00 Found a beach area!
0:22:31 I Found the hidden beach! After you earn the 40 coins from the beach, go to the cave door!
0:24:17 Inside the secret cave, talk to the quest giver! If you find the amulet you get 100 coins!
0:25:53 Chocolate found the quest giver Aella for the repeatable quest and lots of coins!
0:27:24 Wait I need to find the Amulet for 100 Coins! I know where it was!
0:28:19 My game glitched on this quest and I can't complete it as the stones that's suppose to be placed on the puzzle did not appear on my screen.
0:30:13 I finished my RAT quest and got more than 500 coins!
0:30:36 Time to buy the Golden Axe!

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-- Roblox Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience By WorkingGameDC

-- About Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience
Wonder Woman, DC’s Champion of Truth and Warrior for Peace, has arrived on Roblox!
Join Wonder Woman where her story began on the paradise island of Themyscira, train alongside the warrior inhabitants, and lasso up an epic collection of special rewards for your avatar based on Wonder Woman’s most iconic outfits and accessories.
This is just the beginning. New quests, mechanics, and items will be coming soon. Be sure to hit the follow button to be notified of new updates and items as soon as they’re added!

Roblox Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience Created 4/21/2020, Updated 6/25/2020, Max Players 20, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Wonder Woman, Golden Axe, Wonder Women Shorts, The Themyscira Experience, How to get, Roblox Item)

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