Roblox Winter Wonderland Tycoon Gamelog - October 16 2018

Roblox Winter Wonderland Tycoon Gamelog - October 16 2018


???? Roblox Winter Wonderland Tycoon Gameplay! Code! Completing quests, Giant Santa Boss and Asking Santa FOR a UNICORN! Loud Warning!


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0:00:15 Code time!
0:00:35 Opening my Mystery Boxes!
0:01:34 So much Presents!
0:02:06 Chocolate is under attack by a GIANT SANTA!
0:02:46 OK lets get building on my tycoon!
0:04:17 To start your quest, look around the map to find this light blue rectangle! You have to click begin to start the quests!
0:04:44 One of the quest is to collect 8 reindeer!
0:05:51 Santa Boss is after me now!
0:06:36 One of the Reindeer is stuck up there!
0:08:14 I completed two quests and now to rebirth!
0:11:49 Check out the cute Droppers!
0:13:22 REBIRTH - My last Quest!
0:13:43 In Chocolate's tycoon getting some fun gears!
0:14:32 I flew into somebody else's tycoon and became Santa!
0:15:18 Now to try to get into Santa's Sleigh!
0:16:10 Getting Revenge on this girl that keep killing us in the game!
0:17:46 Opening the three Mystery Boxes from the quest reward!
0:19:21 I have to rebuild my tycoon because I rebirthed!
0:20:57 Having fun with gears from the Present spawning gear box!
0:23:55 Sneaking into people's tycoon again!
0:33:31 Opening my last Mystery Box!
0:35:09 Getting some gears before Chocolate Rebirths!
0:38:55 Sneaked into somebody's tycoon AGAIN!

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-- Roblox Winter Wonderland Tycoon By Frostbite Studios

-- About Winter Wonderland Tycoon
Welcome to Winter Wonderland Tycoon! ????????❄
Build your Christmas themed workshop! Purchase weapons, compete with other players, collect gifts from Santa, take part in quests, rebirth to receive special perks, and many more!

Roblox Winter Wonderland Tycoon Created 12/14/2016, Updated 12/17/2018, Max Players 4, Genre Building. (Online Multiplayer Game, #WinterWonderlandTycoon)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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