Roblox WaterPark 2 Gamelog - November 01 2019

Roblox WaterPark 2 Gamelog - November 01 2019


???? Roblox WaterPark 2 Gameplay! Found secret quest but Got a useless KEY! Loud Warning!

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0:03:08 Going on the van headed to the waterpark!
0:05:34 Fun dancing!
0:06:19 Black OCTOPUS Monster!
0:07:11 Found a button which does nothing!
0:08:14 We need to solve this puzzle thing!
0:09:03 Chocolate found a quest from this guy! DON'T DO IT! IT GIVES A KEY THAT DOES NOTHING!
0:13:24 Got a key that does NOTHING! Lets go back to the puzzle!
0:14:14 How to solve the puzzle!
0:14:52 There's two ways, Chocolate chose the Right side!
0:15:13 Two ways again! We choosing the Left this time!
0:16:51 MONSTER!
0:17:42 OBBY!
0:18:29 Puzzle Minigame!
0:18:47 Very dark maze!
0:20:28 I figured out that we need the monster to step on all the green buttons!
0:21:55 I became invisible? I got a gun!
0:22:20 Choose Shoot for bad ending and choose Don't shoot for good ending!
0:25:28 Chocolate Exploded the TV!

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-- WaterPark 2 By TrossCraft

-- About WaterPark 2
This Game Was Inspired From Camping
Halloween In a WaterPark!, Sounds Nice!.
????Go Into A Visit To A WaterPark!, And Some Bad Things Will Appens????

Roblox WaterPark 2 Created 10/10/2019, Updated 10/30/2019, Max Players 30, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, WaterPark 2, Story Game)

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