Roblox Venture Land Gamelog - April 08 2020

Roblox Venture Land Gamelog - April 08 2020


???? Roblox Venture Land Gameplay! How to Get the Free Venture Egg for your Roblox Avatar! Loud Warning!

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0:01:12 Spawn your car and start looking for Golden Eggs to knock over - You need to knock down 30 Golden Eggs!
0:02:01 Sorry for my bad driving skills!
0:02:49 Got 10 Eggs so far - 20 more to go!
0:04:54 I shouldn't be allowed to drive!
0:07:02 20 Eggs!
0:07:46 Trying to start a Bumper Battle but didn't work out!
0:08:34 Going back to my Egg Crashing Hunt!
0:11:30 My last egg!
0:11:41 Checking my inventory in Roblox for the Venture Egg item!
0:11:54 Must I wear that! FINE!
0:12:10 This is how I look with the Venture Egg!
0:13:16 Going back to my Apartment to do some re-decoration!

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-- Roblox Venture Land By TeamVenture

-- About Venture Land
???? EGG HUNT EVENT! ???? Destroy 30 golden eggs and receive the Venture Egg! ???? The BEST (and only) go-kart meets jet meets roller coaster meets boat that exists!
Welcome to VentureLand - Seek BLOX in a city unlike any other; use your Morphkart to shred rails, blast from cannons, and more! Trust us, there's only so much more to come to our work-in-progress Town.

Roblox VentureLand Created 3/19/2018, Updated 4/7/2020, Max Players 40, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, Venture Land, Venture Egg, Easter Event 2020)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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