Roblox The Mirror Game Gamelog - February 07 2020

Roblox The Mirror Game Gamelog - February 07 2020


Roblox The Mirror Game Gameplay! Invisible Obby with the help of a GIANT MIRROR! Mirror Glitch! Loud Warning!

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0:01:36 Lets get started - Level 1!
0:02:22 Level 2!
0:02:49 Level 3!
0:05:22 Level 4!
0:08:25 Level 5!
0:12:13 Level 6!
0:13:51 Level 7!
0:15:37 Level 8!
0:18:17 Trying to glitch to the other side of the mirror and I DID IT!

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-- Roblox The Mirror Game By TheMirrorGameCreator

-- About The Mirror Game
The Mirror Game is like a obby, but with a little twist, you are using a reflection through the whole game to navigate to avoid obstacles to reach next levels and to see things you normally don't see.
You will also use a giant mirror where you will have portals that will bring you to a mirrored side.

Roblox The Mirror Game Created 8/20/2013, Updated 2/6/2020, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, The Mirror Game)

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