Roblox The Lab Gamelog - March 05 2020

Roblox The Lab Gamelog - March 05 2020


???? Roblox The Lab Gameplay! (Story) Getting the Evil Ending! Double Twin Wins! Loud Warning!

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0:02:13 Our Bus Crashed!
0:04:29 Staying the night in the lab facility!
0:06:44 Power's out!
0:07:47 Zombies!
0:09:37 Saving a player stuck on the crystal!
0:12:23 Escaped the Mines but MORE ZOMBIES!
0:14:00 Should we trust Maxwell? Chocolate choose not to trust him! (Choose trust him for good ending)!
0:15:25 Knocked out by fart! LOL!
0:16:34 Choose a slide, you can see the left one is blocked off!
0:16:59 Obby!
0:17:44 Obby Pros, choose this hard way to get a badge!

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-- Roblox The Lab (Story) By Story Game Studios

-- About The Lab (Story)
???? Welcome to The Lab! Go on a bus ride with 3-12 people! However, it is a windy, cold night and a blizzard hits! The bus is knocked off the road! The only thing in sight is a hidden lab. What secrets will unfold inside the lab?
???? Having trouble surviving? Consider purchasing the "Running Shoes" or "Flashlight" gamepass!
☠️ WARNING: This game could be CREEPY
⛺ Inspired by SamsonXVI's game "Camping".

Roblox The Lab (Story) Created 2/22/2020, Updated 3/2/2020, Max Players 35, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, The Lab, Story, Story Game, Story Games, Roblox Story Game)

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