Roblox The Island Gamelog - September 04 2019

Roblox The Island Gamelog - September 04 2019


????️ Roblox The Island Gameplay! [Story Mode] Going on a vacation and ended up on an Island which wasn't a coincidence! Loud Warning!

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0:01:32 Getting on a boat for my Vacation!
0:03:48 The Boat Engine caught on fire! We had to go to the nearest Island!
0:05:18 Helping to put out the fire on the boat!
0:07:01 Collecting food supply and setting up camp!
0:08:07 A message in a bottle!
0:10:08 Ghost!
0:13:48 More food? We already got food!
0:18:18 Ghost again!
0:20:56 Collecting drift wood and making a raft!
0:22:12 Tsunami!
0:24:43 Catching Fireflies!
0:30:20 Meteor Shower!
0:31:44 In the cave! Obby Time!
0:36:19 Volcano Eruption!
0:38:30 Acid Rain!
0:40:27 The ghost kidnapped Bob! The others can go save him, my health is very low!
0:43:29 Helicopter!

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-- The Island [Story Mode] By Math_LuaScript

-- About The Island [Story Mode]
Welcome to a game where you thought you'd end up at a 5 star vacation resort, but get a more surprising experience instead. This might just be the longest story mode game ever!

Roblox The Island Created 4/17/2019, Updated 8/31/2019, Max Players 70, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, The Island, Story)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Stranded Gameplay! (Story) The story of us getting Stranded on a deserted Island! -

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