Roblox The Castle Gamelog - August 31 2019

Roblox The Castle Gamelog - August 31 2019


???? Roblox The Castle Gameplay! [STORY] We going to the Castle to train as Wizards! Loud Warning!

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0:01:08 Getting on the boat to the Castle!
0:02:42 Arrived at the Castle!
0:03:16 Getting to Potion Class!
0:03:50 Wow the people in the server's FAST! They Found all 3 Items!
0:04:51 Now helping to find 3 books!
0:05:50 DINNER TIME!
0:07:33 Bed Time!
0:07:54 Ahh Chocolate's Snoring! Oh it's a Dragon!
0:09:14 Mad Maze!
0:09:48 Thanks to this Player - shawn_sid who lead us to the right planks!
0:10:29 Found the Wizard's Tower!
0:10:58 We have to find 3 items for the portal to open!
0:11:20 Poisonous Spiders! We didn't see a single one of them!
0:13:13 Found the items!

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-- The Castle [STORY] By Broken Wand Games

-- About The Castle [STORY]
???? Welcome to The Castle follow the story as students of magic as you embark on your journey into The Castle, Were you will take part in mini-games,tasks and more and always expect the unexpected...

Roblox The Castle Created 6/1/2019, Updated 8/17/2019, Max Players 60, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, The Castle, Story)

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