Roblox Street Simulator Gamelog - May 22 2018

Roblox Street Simulator Gamelog - May 22 2018


Roblox Street Simulator Gameplay! Building Stores on MY STREET and Became a Criminal!

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0:00:52 Working in my supermarket!
0:06:24 Building my Burger Shop and working in my Burger Shop!
0:13:51 Ahh Kulbid is robbing my stores, I have to arrest him!
0:14:54 Building my Cafe and working in the cafe!
0:20:18 I'm becoming the criminal and robbing others!
0:25:26 Ahh Chocolate arrested me!
0:29:53 Building a Bed and Breakfast!
0:32:01 Upgrading so that I get a tax collector to collect taxes for me!
0:35:07 Me and Chocolate are both becoming Criminals!
0:38:40 Working in Chocolate's Bakery!
0:43:42 Doing more upgrates!
0:52:28 Building a Tech Shop and working in the Tech Shop!

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-- Roblox Street Simulator by Marmalade

-- About #Street Simulator
????️ Welcome to Street Simulator!
????️ Build a Street with Fast Food Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets and much more!
????️ Upgrade your street into the most valuable street in Robloxia!
???? Earn Taxes from your street and upgrade your stats!
???? Hang out with other players inside buildings!

Roblox Street Simulator Created 4/5/2018, Updated 5/22/2018, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #StreetSimulator)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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