Roblox Sponge Gamelog - June 25 2020

Roblox Sponge Gamelog - June 25 2020



In this video, I played Roblox Sponge [Alpha]! I escape from the New Chapter 4 Ghost Ship Map! Instead of Piggy (Peppa Pig) it's Sponge Bob Square Pants character in this game! Can you escape the Sponge Bob? In this update there's New map, The Bucket, Jellyfish Event! - Collect Jellyfish for limited time prizes, 14 new Skins, 6 new Traps and 6 new Weapons!

There's also a new Jellyfish Event in the game, you can collect jellyfishes from any map and buy new limited time items with the jellyfishes. There is also a hidden Blue Jellyfish hidden in the map if you can find it, you get a blue jellyfish skin!
There are currently 4 chapters in this game: Chapter 1 - Greedy Krab, Chapter 2 - Sponge's House, Chapter 3 - Ghost Ship and the New Chapter 4 - The Bucket!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:18 Checking out the shop!
0:02:49 I joined a round in the middle and it's chapter 2 Sponge's House!
0:05:30 We escaped Chapter 2 Sponge's House!
0:06:09 Now lets try to escape the new Chapter 4 - The Bucket!
0:06:58 Found the red key but that is needed after you open the green key door upstairs!
0:08:35 The girl have the pink key to this door!
0:08:39 Found the wrench which is also needed after the green key door is opened!
0:09:26 Oh somebody opened the green key door!
0:09:42 Wrench is needed for this powerbox! Then I got to go get the red key!
0:10:26 Opened the red key door and got a keycard!
0:10:37 Purple key door was also opened so I decided to swap the keycard with the teal key for the downstairs kitchen room!
0:11:44 We need the orange key!
0:12:26 Goblin opened the Orange key door and I got the last item for the main exit - a hammer!
0:12:37 We did it, we escaped the NEW CHAPTER 4 - The Bucket! Also got some jellyfishes!

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-- Roblox Sponge Chapter 4 By Gibland

-- About Sponge [Alpha]
Update: Chapter 4!!!
????New map, The Bucket!
????Jellyfish Event! - Collect Jellyfish for limited time prizes!
????14 new Skins!
????6 new Traps!
????6 new Weapons!
????Bug Fixes!
????And More!!!!!!
Welcome to Sponge [Alpha]! Do you have what it takes to find out what happened?
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????This game is currently in alpha, bugs are to be expected. If you encounter any please let us know!????

Roblox Sponge Created 3/30/2020, Updated 6/22/2020, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Sponge, Chapter 4, Roblox Sponge, Event, Jellyfish)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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