Roblox Spider Gamelog - June 12 2020

Roblox Spider Gamelog - June 12 2020


????️ ROBLOX SPIDER! How to Escape the house from Spider man or Spider Piggy! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Spider and I will show you how to escape from the house map! It is another Piggy type of game but instead of Piggy it's a spider, spider man or spider piggy. The game has one map as it's new and how the game works is basically the same as any other Piggy game. One player will be chosen by the SPIDER to be the Spider man or Spider woman, the other players will be the survivors that has to try to avoid being killed by the spider and still try to find items and keys to unlock the Exit to escape!

The game has an interesting way of choosing who becomes the spider - a tiny black spider will actually choose from all the players sitting around a table and bites him or her. Also the trap that the spider places are not bear traps like the other piggy games, guess what it is a spiderweb! The game actually gives the spider hunter a bigger advantage than the players because of the ladders that ONLY the spider can climb to access a lot of areas!

Also if you find the game or Killing too bloody, you can turn off the blood in setting to make it less scary!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:03:48 Here's how the Spider is chosen or how the spider choose who to infect!
0:06:13 The spider woman killed chocolate or ate chocolate!
0:07:10 Cool the spider's trap is a Spider web rather than a bear trap - well it makes sense! RIP I got caught in one and died!
0:07:30 Lets see the skins in the shop!
0:09:12 Round 2 - I was chosen to be THE SPIDER GIRL!
0:09:43 Spider girl coming for you! Or spider unicorn!
0:12:52 I killed everyone!
0:13:15 Round 3 - This time the spider chose to eat CHOCOLATE!
0:14:15 The crowbar is for two areas - the EXIT door and a boarded up area upstairs (with an orange safe, the orange safe usually contain a bug spray that can stun the spider)!
0:16:07 AirraElisa is holding the bomb for the hatch!
0:16:43 The bomb is for this hatch!
0:16:57 WowitZ_Cookiegirl is holding the wrench! We need that inside the hatch for the laser door!
0:17:11 You need to click on the switch lever thing to turn the power on.
0:17:16 You can see that one of the light at the exit door turned green, that's because I turn the switch lever thing!
0:17:19 The battery is for this generator in this small hut, after you place it in, you need to flip the switch lever thing for the other light to turn green!
0:17:28 Now you need to find a YELLOW key to open the safe inside the hatch area to get to the PURPLE key!
0:18:25 Opening the yellow key safe to get the final Purple key for the EXIT!
0:18:39 We did it! We escaped because the Chocolate spider was friendly!

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-- Roblox Spider By RoyStanford

-- About Spider
????️ What happens when Robloxians get bitten by a highly infectious spider?...
????️ Can you escape the eight-legged beast?

Roblox Spider Created 5/31/2020, Updated 6/10/2020, Max Players 6, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Spider, Piggy Game, Escape)

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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