Roblox Snowman Simulator Gamelog - December 15 2018

Roblox Snowman Simulator Gamelog - December 15 2018


☃️ Roblox Snowman Simulator Gameplay! 3 working Codes and obby to get Green and Yellow Candy Canes! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : Snowball22
Code 2 : NORTHPOLE32
Code 3 : ICICLE97

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:14 Codes Time!
0:01:47 Red candy canes can be collected all around the map!
0:02:36 Sneaking into other people's area!
0:04:44 Going up on this obby to get Green Candy Canes!
0:06:52 Throwing Snowballs at the snowman and I got Green Candy cane!
0:08:51 Finished this obby, got green candy canes and realized you can cheat on this one!
0:09:20 I found a Yellow Candy Cane in somebody's area!
0:09:51 Going to the cave to get some Yellow Candy Canes!
0:11:33 Selling all my candy canes for gold!
0:12:03 Now to go to Santa's Workshop to get some pets!

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-- Roblox Snowman Simulator By Gunslinger Games

-- About Snowman Simulator
☃️ Compete with your Friends to build the Biggest Snowmen EVER!
☃️ Open Presents with Pets to help you Become Stronger and Faster!
☃️ Throw Snowballs!
☃️ Fight Evil Snowmen!
☃️ Collect Candy Canes!

Roblox Snowman Simulator Created 11/1/2018, Updated 12/15/2018, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #SnowmanSimulator)

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Roblox Snowman Simulator Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim December 2018 Gamelog / #ChloeLim Channel / #SnowmanSimulator, #Roblox


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