Roblox Sky Block Gamelog - June 17 2020

Roblox Sky Block Gamelog - June 17 2020


???? Roblox Sky Block - Fishing! Industrial Washing Station, Sprinklers and MORE! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Sky Block [FISHING]! I will be making an Industrial Washing Station for my OILY crops and other new items from the update. To make the Industrial Washing Station or even a normal Washing Station, you either need pearls or a PROPELLER (one of the hardest thing to get in the game after the update). The propeller is used to create an Industrial Washing Station which will wash oily crops for you! Oh if you are too lazy to wash the oily crops and don't mind selling it at a cheaper price, there's a guy behind the block merchant that will buy them from you at a lower price!

To get pearls or Propeller, you need to craft a fishing rod, go to the town area's fishing pond, Head through the purple portal on your island to the vendor island. Go to the left of the crop and seed vendors and you will see a pool of water. Equip your fishing pool and look for a fish in the pond. You need to be fairly close to it, and once you are you can click and you will cast out your line. If it's close enough to the fish, it will swim over to it, and your bobber will start spinning. Once you see bubbles start to shootout, you can then click again and you reel in a fish or item! Continue to fish until you reel in a propeller. It's random chance if you will get one, so you might get lucky and obtain one on your first cast, or you'll just have to fish for a while, but fish bait will increase the chance of getting rare items when fishing!
I would recommend making some fish baits (You can craft fishing bait which will increase your luck and should give you a better chance to obtain rare items. Each bait will require you to have 3x carrots to craft,) too because it will help you get rare items when fishing. The Pearl and Propeller is a rare find when you are fishing and especially the Propeller is very hard to come by. My friend Goblinmigs gave me a propeller! Thank you Goblinmigs!

Apart from Building your own island, Creating huge farms, Selling items to make money, Cooking tasty delicacies and Gather valuable resources.
There's a new update in sky block, including: Fishing (10+ fish types), Water crops, Sprinklers, Fertilizer, Pro Rank, Conveyor belts make crops oily, Clean oily crops with the new Washing Station, Industrial Washing Station, Water Catcher, Water Storage Barrel, Composter, Fish Bait and more.

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:03:18 Shout out to Goblingmigs for giving me a propeller that I failed to get even after a long time of fishing at the pond!
0:03:26 I got some pearls and fishes from my fishing! Let me explain what this is all about! THE NEW FISHING UPDATE! Actually I would like to call it the OILY CROPS UPDATE!
0:04:51 Let me craft an Industrial Washing Station first! You will need: 1 Propeller, 3 Blue sticky gear and 10 Steel Rod!
0:05:01 Also making a few other items like the Sprinkler and water catcher!
0:05:31 Lets take a look at those OILY CROPS!
0:09:21 Placing down my Industrial Washing Station!
0:12:41 Wait I found a new oily crop merchant! You can sell oily crops to him but at a lower price than normal!
0:12:54 You can sell the fish you caught to this fisherman merchant for some money! Certain types of fishes can be converted into fertilizers for your farm!
0:13:43 Chloe's tutorial on how to fish FASTER!
0:18:05 This is how I farm for Crystallized Iron up on my factory roof!
0:18:35 A quick detour to place a fireplace I bought from chocolate's vending machine!
0:20:26 Turning some fishes into fertilizers!

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-- Roblox Sky Block [FISHING] By

-- About Sky Block [FISHING]
Welcome to Sky Block! This is an early beta version of the game.
???? Build your own island
????‍???? Create huge farms
???? Sell items to make money
???? Cook tasty delicacies
✨ Gather valuable resources
???? And more!
???? Update Log (June 15):
- Fishing (10+ fish types)
- Water crops
- Sprinklers
- Fertilizer
- Pro Rank
- Conveyor belts make crops oily
- Clean oily crops with the new Washing Station
- Industrial Washing Station
- Water Catcher
- Water Storage Barrel
- Composter
- Fish Bait
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
Roblox Skyblock is inspired by the classic "Sky Block" Minecraft gamemode!
???? WARNING: Bugs may cause progress loss. Please report any issues.

Roblox Sky Block Created 4/8/2020, Updated 6/16/20206/16/2020, Max Players 15, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Sky Block, Industrial Washing Station, Propeller, Pearl, Fishing, Sprinklers)

-- Yesterday Gamelog

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