Roblox Saving Christmas Gamelog - December 25 2019

Roblox Saving Christmas Gamelog - December 25 2019


???? Roblox Saving Christmas Gameplay! [STORY] MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! Loud Warning!

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0:03:08 Getting into Santa's Sleigh!
0:04:30 Snowball Fight!
0:06:47 Preparing for the arrival of Santa!
0:08:48 Finding a light switch!
0:09:15 Santa broke his leg!
0:10:28 Following a trial of presents to find the Sleigh!
0:13:27 Collecting planks to make a bridge to Rudolph!
0:16:07 Delivering some presents!
0:18:37 Crossing road to the house to deliver more presents!
0:20:15 Opps got caught by the parents and died!
0:21:40 Arriving at Santa's Workshop!
0:23:03 Helping the Elfs with some restocking!
0:25:32 Going to the last House!

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-- Saving Christmas! [STORY] By Phoeberries

-- About Saving Christmas
???? Christmas is in trouble! Help Santa in his mission to save Christmas 2019! ????????
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- Bug fixes
- Saved christmas ????

Roblox Saving Christmas Created 11/25/2019, Updated 12/22/2019, Max Players 20, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, Saving Christmas, Story Game)

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