Roblox Royale High Gamelog - January 3 2019

Roblox Royale High Gamelog - January 3 2019


???? Roblox Royale High Gameplay! ????2019! Getting all New Year's Items and Diamonds! LOUD WARNING!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:32 Talk to Sukimeki and get a cake - you will get 400 diamonds!
0:02:24 Spinning my Daily Wheel - I got Cool Shadez!
0:03:46 Talk to Cybernova - Answer Jupiter - I got Bahia's Pacifier!
0:04:46 Talk to itsAshleyosity!
0:05:14 Find the lost Bunny Pinky on the snowman's head!
0:05:22 Return to Ashley to get a reward - I got Bunny Slippers!
0:06:42 Talk to Komaki - answers: School Uniform, Blue & Yellow - I got Komaki's Celebration Balloon!
0:07:35 Talk to LeahAshe!
0:08:54 Go to Santa's house and click on a note on the wall!
0:09:22 Talk to Callmebob (she gives 400 Diamonds) then click on the note on the tree!
0:10:01 Go to the fountain and click on the note on it! Find the ring on the floor after that!
0:10:22 Return to LeahAshe and Sanna to get a reward - I got LeahAshe's Bear Ears!
0:11:23 Talk to Ice7 to get 400 diamonds!
0:11:44 Talk to Lizzy_winkle!
0:12:46 Find the flower crown up on the tall tower behind the Santa house!
0:13:06 Return to Lizzy to get a reward - I got Lizzy's Crown of Roses!
0:13:22 Talk to Ironclaw33 to get 400 diamonds!
0:14:07 Talk to Rosie - Answers: June, Fairy, September 5th. - I got Rosie's Rose!
0:14:45 Talk to Zai!
0:16:06 Find Keisha in the Igloo!
0:16:31 Return to Zai to get a reward - I got Zaira's 2019 Party Hat!
0:18:25 Talk to Closet_skeleton for 400 Diamonds!
0:18:57 Talk to Anzu_TL to get the item Anzu's Mindwings!
0:19:32 Talk to Antilique to get Antilique's Horns!
0:20:22 Talk to Cristalpony1987!
0:21:42 Find the Magical flower in the seashell!
0:22:28 Return to Cristalpony for a reward - I got a Cristal's Tiara!
0:24:17 MAGIC! I'm transforming back to Kawaiichloelim!
0:24:45 Chocolate pretended to be a quest giver!
0:26:06 Going to dress up like a bunny!

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-- Roblox Royale High By callmehbob

-- About ????2019!????Royale????High
There is a huge New Year's Party Celebration on Earth with some special surprises!

Roblox Royale High Created 4/10/2017, Updated 1/2/2019, Max Players 12, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RoyaleHigh)

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