Roblox Royale High Gamelog - December 14 2018

Roblox Royale High Gamelog - December 14 2018


???????? Roblox Royale High Gameplay! I MET SANTA and GOT LOTS OF PRESENTS! Loud Warning!

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0:00:12 Spin the Town Wheel in Royal High and I got the Sunday Best Hat!
0:00:57 Making a Cookie for Santa When he Visits!
0:02:13 Making a Wish at the Town Fountain!
0:03:13 Back to make more cookie to Fill up the whole tray so that Santa WILL COME!
0:05:13 You can climb up to the roof to wait for Santa from here!
0:05:29 While we Wait for Santa to come, I am trying on my Sunday Best Hat!
0:07:54 We can actually jump into the house through the Chimney!
0:08:41 Playing with the snow sleigh!
0:09:50 Oh it's getting dark, we will pretend to sleep so that Santa will come!
0:11:19 Ok technically you can only get one present per player but I will explain how to get all the presents!
0:11:23 First Present - a Shy Scarf!
0:11:52 After rejoining, I got a Wish Upon a Star Earrings!
0:12:04 Third Present - Wish Upon A Star Earrings again!
0:12:23 Fourth Present - Candy cane Swords!
0:12:35 Fifth Present - Fuzzy Earmuffs!
0:12:55 Sixth Present - Santa Hat!
0:13:16 Seventh Present - Fuzzy Earmuffs!
0:13:40 Eighth Present - Shy Scarf!
0:13:53 Ninth Present - Candy cane Swords!
0:14:14 Last Present - Shy Scarf!
0:14:47 Time to try on the Gifts From Santa!
0:19:45 Pretending to be Santa, Jumping down the Chimney and placing presents under the Christmas Tree!

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-- Roblox Royale High By callmehbob

-- About Royale High
❄⛄The Winter Update is out at the Castle! Have fun and stay warm ????⛄❄
????????ON THE NIGHT one with royal blood turns sixteen, whether they are aware of their gifts or not, they enter a realm only accessible through their dreams, fast asleep.
Destined to rule their homelands, they are brought to dorm with other young Royals at the Castle school and are bestowed upon their head a crown of protection, so that their family's enemies may not track them.????
There they will learn their own strengths (and weaknesses), discover magical talents, create royal alliances with other kingdoms, make friends, perhaps even enemies. When they learn important lessons through hard trials, a special gem is given to them to wear on their crown to show their strength through wisdom, perseverance, and kindness.
Graduating from Royale High is no easy feat, though the best of Royals have made it to their coronation ceremony with friends along their side.????

Roblox Royale High Created 4/10/2017, Updated 12/13/2018, Max Players 22, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RoyaleHigh)

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Roblox Royale High Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim December 2018 Gamelog / #ChloeLim Channel / #RoyaleHigh, #Roblox


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