Roblox Robloxia World Gamelog - July 04 2019

Roblox Robloxia World Gamelog - July 04 2019


???? Roblox Robloxia World Gameplay! HOUSING! Glitchy Decorating and Working for little money! LOUD WARNING!

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0:01:30 Travelling to the Neighborhood to see how to spawn my house!
0:01:55 There's a free starter house! COOL!
0:02:09 Now to spawn my house!
0:02:34 Lets get decorating! Placing furniture are very glitchy!
0:03:11 Wow free furniture!
0:05:47 Now to buy some bathroom stuffs!
0:06:32 On to bathroom decorations!
0:06:56 Now Kitchen!
0:07:24 Opps I'm broke! NEEDS TO WORK!
0:07:57 Going to Average Joe's Gym to earn some money!
0:10:42 Back to my house to see what I can buy!
0:11:11 Kitchen time!
0:12:30 Back to the city to try to get more money!
0:13:02 Oh I forgot all about this magic giving tree!
0:13:26 I got just what I needed! COINS!
0:13:58 Food Truck! Lets see what's on the menu!
0:15:43 Job time! I tried Athlete, Acting and Mail sorter before! I will try the Ice-Cream Vendor!
0:16:34 Now to leave my job and go back to decorating my house!

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-- Robloxia World (BETA) By MeganPlays

-- About Robloxia World (BETA)
???? Housing is Here! Buy Your Very Own Home!
???? Teens Can Now Work Jobs After School!
⏰ New World Clock! Days & Nights are Longer!
???? Purchase and Customize Your Own Home
???? Choose a Job and Go to Work
???? Go to School and Attend Classes
????️ Move into and Customize Your Own Dorm
????️ Dress Up and Customize Your Style
???? Buy Pets and Teach them Amazing Tricks
???? Make a Wish at the Magical Giving Tree
???? Discover Hidden Secrets in Robloxia World

Roblox Robloxia World Created 12/17/2018, Updated 7/2/2019, Max Players 30, Genre Town and City. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RobloxiaWorld)

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