Roblox Pet Simulator Gamelog - October 14 2018

Roblox Pet Simulator Gamelog - October 14 2018


???? Roblox Pet Simulator Gameplay! New Hats Update! Got 8 Rainbow CORE SHOCK PETS! Loud Warning!

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0:00:19 Found a new Giant Green Chest in Candy Land!
0:03:18 Checking out the new Hats and buying some!
0:03:39 Got a Domino Crown!
0:03:49 Got a Rain Cloud then another Rain Cloud!
0:04:17 Bummer - You can't trade Hats!
0:04:42 Got a Crown then another Crown then another Crown!
0:05:09 Got a Duke of the Federation!
0:05:14 Buying some Tier 4 hats now! Got a Rubber Ducky!
0:05:46 Time for my pets to try on the HATS!
0:10:32 NEVER STAND IN THE CHEST'S SPAWNING PLACE - look what happens!
0:11:15 Time to buy more HATS!
0:11:26 Got a Noob Sign and another Noob Sign!
0:14:01 Back to candy land to get more MOON COINS!
0:14:50 The Teleport glitch has been fixed!
0:16:45 Trading with Neil and LOOK AT WHAT HE GAVE ME!
0:17:24 Look at his Inventory - He got so many Rainbow CORE SHOCK!
0:17:54 BIG SHOUT OUT TO NEIL for giving me 8 Rainbow Core Shock Pets! (link below description)
0:21:45 Buying into Tech World (no more glitching in)!
0:27:01 Back to Buying MORE HATS! Opps ran out of hat space!
0:28:16 I want more Hats so I'm going to buy the Hats gamepass!
0:28:40 Back to Buying Hats!
0:33:20 Gladiator Grounds!
0:34:51 The Sweeper!

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-- Roblox Pet Simulator by BIG Games Simulators

-- About Pet Simulator
Pickup coins to buy eggs, areas, and pets! Level up your pets and work together with other players! Collect rare pets and trade!
???? UPDATE LOG: ????
- ???? Hats!
- ???? Presents!
- ❌ Multi-delete!
- ???? Server chat msgs!
- ???? Updated shops!
- ???? MUCH cheaper coin buying!

Roblox Pet Simulator Created 4/9/2018, Updated 10/12/2018, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #PetSimulator)

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