Roblox Pet Simulator 2 Gamelog - January 11 2020

Roblox Pet Simulator 2 Gamelog - January 11 2020


Roblox Pet Simulator 2 Gameplay! TRADING and Huge Chests! Loud Warning!

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0:02:18 The HUGE CHEST at spawn!
0:03:10 Trying the trading! Only VIP can sent trades, but you can sent trade to non VIP!
0:03:57 Sending some totally not useful DESERT CATS to beginners!
0:05:28 Sending another friend a couple of golden pets!
0:16:17 Breaking News!
0:17:11 We got the Huge Chest! I got over 2 million coins!
0:17:43 There's another new chest - sort of a Medium Chest!
0:19:32 Lets go to the Desert World to hatch some pets!
0:20:10 Time to hatch some Desert Eggs!
0:22:57 Me and Chocolate found a way to work together to hatch Golden Pets! She goes to the gold machine! I stay here to hatch more pets!
0:23:29 You need 6 of the same Desert pet to get a golden! The thing is you will lose all of the same pet of the same type, so we made sure she had only 6 of the same pet at a time! At this point she has 10 so she gave me 4 back so that she don't lose all 10 of the camel! We successfully made 3 GOLDEN CAMEL!

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-- Roblox Pet Simulator 2 By BIG Games Simulators

-- About Pet Simulator 2
Pickup coins to buy eggs and pets! Level up and travel to unique worlds! Unlock upgrades to get ahead! Collect really rare pets! A sequel to one of the biggest games of 2018.
???? UPDATE LOG: ????
- ???? Trading!
- ???? Huge Chests!
- ⭐ Level 150!
- ????️ Desert World is now FREE!
???? Thank you for playing! ????

Roblox Pet Simulator 2 Created 2/4/2019, Updated 1/9/2020, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Pet Simulator 2, Trading, Huge Chests)

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Roblox Pet Simulator 2 Gameplay / Chloe Lim January 2020 Gamelog / #PetSimulator2 / #Trading / #HugeChest

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