Roblox Ninja Legends Gamelog - January 20 2020

Roblox Ninja Legends Gamelog - January 20 2020


⚔️ Roblox Ninja Legends Gameplay! 3 New and SECRET Codes! Getting to GOLD ISLAND! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : goldninja500
Code 2 : goldupdate500
Code 3 : legends500m

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:03:16 Cloud jumping to the new Gold Island!
0:07:54 The sign under the Gold Island will contain a Secret Code!
0:08:12 Reached the Gold Island!
0:08:28 Getting the golden chest!
0:08:57 Lets go under the Island to take a look at the Secret Code!
0:09:23 CODE TIME!
0:10:46 Checking out the eggs and pets!

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-- Roblox Ninja Legends By Scriptbloxian Studios

-- About Ninja Legends
???? Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump! (PC = Spacebar, Mobile = Jump Button, Xbox = 'A' Button)
- x20 Ninjitsu, Coins and Chi Boost All Week!
- NEW Golden Master Island! Can you reach it?
- NEW +3 Pet Slots gamepass! (Stacks)
- Z-MASTER PETS! Combine 5 X-GENESIS pets to create a Z-MASTER! 5x X-GENESIS stats! (Only Master Legend+ Tier can be Z-MASTER!)
- NEW 'Golden Sun Master Pack' containing insanely powerful pets! Check it out in the Packs menu!
- NEW 'Island Legends Pack' - take a shortcut and unlock all Islands instantly!
- 25 NEW Swords!
- 2 New Ranks!
- New Shuriken!
- New Skills!
- New Belts!
- New 'Golden Zen Chest'! Gives a Mega Chi reward! (Useful for pet cloning)

Roblox Ninja Legends Created 9/22/2019, Updated 1/18/2020, Max Players 20, Genre Fighting. (Online Multiplayer Game, Ninja Legends, New Secret Codes)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Sewers Story Gameplay! Don't ask why I went to explore the SEWERS! -

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