Roblox My Droplets Gamelog - November 02 2019

Roblox My Droplets Gamelog - November 02 2019


????️ Roblox My Droplets Gameplay! Got a prize from the Haunted Mansion! Speed Building my house! Loud Warning!

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0:02:04 Lets check out the newly open Cuddle Cafe!
0:04:38 Arrives at the Haunted Mansion! Treat Hunt!
0:08:37 Part 2 Of the Haunted Mansion Game! Find 4 Artifacts in the maze!
0:11:57 Part 3 Of the Haunted Mansion Game! Find and turn 3 Valves to unlock the door to the prize!
0:13:50 We did it and got a Cauldron Bathtub! Also quite a lot of Diamonds!
0:14:49 Checking out the Halloween Furniture!
0:15:38 My basic tiny house! I AM GOING TO BUY THE FAMILY HOME!
0:16:46 The outside still looks the same, I will rebuild it later!
0:17:08 Time to do some furnishing!
0:18:47 Time To BUILD the outside of the house!
0:20:13 Now to paint it!

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-- My Droplets By Fullflower Studio

-- About My Droplets
Welcome to My Droplets! The cutest immersive social pet simulation where you can adopt your very own droplets, teach them tricks, take care of and grow with them!
- The more you feed your droplet, the bigger it will grow!
- If your droplet is happy, it will poop gems. You can use gems to upgrade your life!
Version 1.0.2
- Limited time spooky furniture
- Haunted Mansion and prize
- Cafe is now open!
- Festive gem colors
- Spookified town :O
- Droplet cookie treats

Roblox My Droplets Created 1/21/2019, Updated 10/28/2019, Max Players 21, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, My Droplets, Haunted Mansion, Speed Build)

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

Roblox My Droplets Gameplay / Chloe Lim November 2019 Gamelog / #MyDroplets / #HauntedMansion / #SpeedBuild


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