Roblox Mineshaft Gamelog - January 28 2020

Roblox Mineshaft Gamelog - January 28 2020


⛏️ Roblox Mineshaft Gameplay! I almost died eating a ROCK CAKE! We released a monster that went to Overnight story! Loud Warning!

-- Watch the Sequel Overnight Story Game here:

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0:02:01 Arriving at the Mineshaft!
0:03:08 Meeting our guide Frank!
0:04:23 Tour inside the mine!
0:05:23 There's a note on the table that does nothing!
0:06:33 MONSTER!
0:08:54 Obby!
0:10:44 We need to search the maze for generator parts!
0:12:12 I found one of it!
0:13:05 Broken bridge obby!
0:13:55 I ate too much Rock Cake! Just Kidding!
0:14:33 I saved myself!
0:15:50 We found some crowbars!
0:16:52 What is THAT?
0:18:17 We released Frank but... To Be Continued...

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-- Roblox Mineshaft [STORY] (Overnight) By Seollal Studios

-- About Mineshaft [STORY]
⛏️ You and up to 11 friends have decided to take a day-trip to a local mineshaft! The plan is to take a tour, grab a few pictures, and have a few laughs. What could possibly go wrong?
???? Mineshaft is the official PREQUEL to Overnight/Sleepover - brought to you by the same creator! Want to know what happens next? Play Overnight here:
☠️ WARNING: This game contains some scary content and flashing lights!

Roblox Mineshaft [STORY] Created 1/2/2020, Updated 1/26/2020, Max Players 50, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, Mineshaft, Story Game, Sleepover, Overnight)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Flee the Facility Gameplay! Ended up playing in an all FRIENDS SERVER! -

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