Roblox Islands Gamelog - October 07 2020

Roblox Islands Gamelog - October 07 2020

???? ROBLOX ISLANDS! Meet MOLLY the COW and Flying Buffalkors! AUTO GOLD COLLECTOR!

In this video, I played Roblox Islands, I build Auto Gold Bar Farms on both Gold Deposit Islands and Come see my adorable Cow Molly! Trying to get RageBlade Blueprint in Buffalkor Island and ended up having loads of fund! Find out by watching till the end!

Apart from Building your own island, Creating huge farms, Selling items to make money, Cooking tasty delicacies and Gather valuable resources.

The Update Includes: Cows have arrived! Gold Deposit, Rageblade (weapon blueprint found from Buffalkors), Cheesemaker, Red Bronze Ingot, Red Bronze Refinery, Animal Wellbeing Kit, Animal Haybed, Wheat Trough, Deposit islands now spawn closer to your main island and MORE!

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0:02:49 Come Meet Molly My Cow!

0:03:39 This is the Animal Bench which you can craft at a Crafting table!

0:03:47 You can craft more things when You level up!

0:04:27 You can level up by completing Taliyah's quests!

0:06:06 Crafting two Drills for my two Gold Deposit Islands!

0:06:39 Building the drill and auto Gold Bar collector on my first Gold Deposit Island!

0:08:19 Building the Second drill and Auto Gold Bar collector on my second Gold Deposit Island!

0:10:46 Going to try our luck at getting the new Rageblade blueprint in Buffalkor Island!

0:11:44 I don't know why my spell book is glitching and not working properly!

0:12:31 The Funny moments begins when I started using my Gilded Steel Hammer!

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-- Roblox Islands [COWS!] By

-- About Islands

Welcome to Islands!

???? Build your own island

????‍???? Create huge farms

???? Sell items to make money

????‍???? Cook tasty delicacies

✨ Forage valuable items

???? And more!

???? Update Log (October 2):

- Cows have arrived!

- Gold Deposit

- Rageblade (weapon blueprint found from Buffalkors)

- Cheesemaker

- Red Bronze Ingot

- Red Bronze Refinery

- Animal Wellbeing Kit

- Animal Haybed

- Wheat Trough

- Deposit islands now spawn closer to your main island

- Fixed an issue that causes island corruption

- Client performance improvements

???? To reset your island, type /reset in chat.

Roblox Islands Created 4/8/2020, Updated 10/5/2020, Max Players 15, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Islands, Gold Deposit, Gold Islands, Auto Gold Bar Collector, Cows, Rageblade, Buffalkor Island)

-- Yesterday Gamelog


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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

Roblox Islands Gameplay / Chloe Lim October 2020 Gamelog / #Islands / #Cows / #GoldIslands

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