Roblox Hotel Stories Gamelog - August 08 2019

Roblox Hotel Stories Gamelog - August 08 2019


???? Roblox Hotel Stories Gameplay! NEW Area 51 raid ALIEN STORY! We Rescued Spacey Bois! LOUD WARNING!

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0:03:00 Going into the elevator to the Alien Story World!
0:05:38 Found the elevators but it's not working!
0:06:34 Reached the meeting point and met up with our Escort Agent Jonas!
0:07:33 Area 51!
0:08:11 Gathering rocks and they are heavy!
0:08:51 We have to avoid the red lights from the guards and go to the warehouse!
0:09:41 The Left side entrance is safe!
0:10:49 Find the Armory!
0:13:14 We need to find an admin key!
0:14:28 Found it in the Control Room!
0:14:49 Alien capture room!
0:15:06 The Alien eggs on the floor hatching into creepy crawler Aliens!
0:15:57 Saving the friendly Aliens from the captures!
0:16:48 Freeing a banana peel and ended up getting a Top-Secret Banana Award badge!
0:18:28 Obby time!
0:18:58 Ahh Huge Alien Squid Boi Boss!
0:20:54 Yeah we did it!

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-- Hotel Stories By Derpie Studios

-- About Hotel Stories
Hotel Stories - A scarier, unique take on Roblox STORY GAMES!
???? Welcome to Hotel Stories! In a group with a maximum of 10 players, after staying the night and partying in a run-down hotel, something doesn't feel right.. Your suspicions are confirmed when you hear a scream from a distant room.
-NEW Area 51 raid ALIEN STORY! ???? (Rescue Spacey Bois)

Roblox Hotel Stories Created 7/6/2019, Updated 7/27/2019, Max Players 30, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Hotel Stories, ALIEN STORY)

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