Roblox Guesty Gamelog - May 16 2020

Roblox Guesty Gamelog - May 16 2020



In this video, I played Roblox GUESTY [ALPHA] NEW CRATES! I have 6 CODES to share and I ESCAPED GUESTY and GUEST JOINED MY GAME! Inspired by Piggy and Murder Mystery 2.
If you are new to roblox and do not know what's a Roblox Guest, here's some information: The Guest was a feature created for the intended use of letting newcomers test Roblox before making an official account. They were introduced on September 26, 2008. Roblox guest, The last revision of a Guest's avatar. Guests were known as "The True Testers of Roblox" by the administrators. When a player hovers the mouse over a guest image when viewing game servers, the name used to appear as "A Friendly Guest". This was changed to read "A Roblox Player" before the Guest feature was removed.If a player joined a game while not logged into an account, they would be labeled as a "Guest". It was possible to be a guest by either using glitches or using trustworthy unofficial extensions, which allowed one to play as a guest. This was patched in early November 2018. Guests now get Error code: 524 (Not authorized to join this game.) when attempting to join a game. On November 4, 2017, Roblox re-added guests by mistake. This change lasted for a day before being reverted.

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:16 Codes Time!
0:03:45 Voting for the only chapter available!
0:05:50 Lets get started!
0:07:02 The Purple key goes upstairs on this door!
0:07:39 The Pink Key goes downstairs on the library door!
0:07:56 Brought guesty to Chocolate and now I'm safe for a while!
0:09:11 The screwdriver goes to the powerbox in this room that needed a blue teal key to open!
0:12:18 The yellow key goes upstairs for this door!
0:12:22 That pink book is for the exit! Which I didn't know as this was my first round!
0:15:59 Sorry Guys I was too busy playing with the camera that I ran out of time!
0:16:26 Opening a skin crate and I got Blue 2016 Guesty!
0:17:20 Lets really ESCAPE this time!
0:17:55 Orange key goes to the safe in the girl's toilet!
0:19:06 This lever is for draining the water from the swimming pool!
0:19:28 This key card is for the main exit!
0:19:41 Using the key card on the exit!
0:19:45 Wait somebody already placed the pink book and the EXIT is open! I did it I escaped!

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-- Roblox GUESTY [ALPHA] By NK Studio

Left click (PC), tap (mobile), right trigger (controller) to open doors and pick up / interact with objects.
Ctrl/shift (PC), tap button (mobile), B button (controller) to crouch / place trap.
E (PC), tap button (mobile), A Button (controller) to use camera.
Inspired by Piggy and Murder Mystery 2. Check out those awesome games as well! ????

Roblox GUESTY [ALPHA] Created 4/1/2020, Updated 5/15/2020, Max Players 6, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, GUESTY, Guest, Roblox Guest, Chapter, Escape)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
- Roblox Puppet Gameplay! I am ELMO! Escaped Both Chapters! -

Let me know in the comment what game you would like to see me play.

I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

Roblox GUESTY Gameplay / Chloe Lim May 2020 Gamelog / #Guesty / #Escape / #RobloxGuest


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