Roblox Find the Noobs 2 Gamelog - June 03 2019

Roblox Find the Noobs 2 Gamelog - June 03 2019


Roblox Find the Noobs 2 Gameplay! Going to Mystical Castles! All 64 Noobs Locations! LOUD WARNING!

Watch Find the Noob 2 (Earth) All 65 Noob Locations:

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0:01:42 Rebirth Time!
0:02:07 Travelling to Mystical Castles!
0:02:35 Welcoming Noob!
0:02:51 Blue Castle Noob!
0:03:05 Path Noob and Glowing White Noob!
0:03:20 Go into this portal behind the Pillar! Find the Crystal Diamond Noob!
0:03:43 Blue Noob, Fountain Noob, White Noob and Underwater Noob!
0:04:23 Upsidedown Noob and Possessed Noob!
0:04:51 Dark Mage Noob!
0:05:08 Big Noob!
0:05:27 Master Noob and Barrel Noob!
0:06:31 Castel Noob!
0:07:00 Mage Noob!
0:07:49 Castle Defender Noob!
0:07:56 Glowing Blue Noob, Royal Guard Noob, King Noob and Deathspeaker Noob!
0:08:33 Frost Noob and Ground Noob!
0:08:56 FOUND A KEY! To open King's Treasure!
0:09:49 Rock Noob!
0:10:06 Mystical Dominus Noob!
0:11:07 Executioner Noob and Cereal Noob!
0:11:43 Crystal Rock Noob!
0:12:58 Servant Noob and Castle Wall Noob! Sorry was stuck in the Noobs List screen while getting these!
0:13:16 Guard Noob and Found the button to open the castle door outside!
0:13:58 The Castle door opened and We can go to the red Island in the sky!
0:14:03 Fire Island Noob, Fire Protector Noob and Fire Wizard Noob!
0:14:37 Fire Castle Noob and Red Noob!
0:14:56 Lava Noob and Fire Warrior Noob!
0:15:23 Glowing Orange Noob and Fire Rock Noob!
0:16:04 Fire Chair Noob!
0:17:06 Berserker Noob and General Noob!
0:17:25 Teleportation Noob! This Noob is a bit tricky it Teleports everywhere and only stays for a few seconds!
0:17:36 War Caller Noob!
0:18:00 Throne Noob, Queen Noob and Prince Noob!
0:18:27 Truss Noob!
0:18:57 You need to get the key in the castle waters to open this door! Crystal Sapphire Noob and Sneaky Noob!
0:19:33 Castle Bridge Noob!
0:19:57 Stairs Noob!
0:20:36 Wizard Statue Noob!
0:21:36 Blacksmith Noob and Roof Noob!
0:22:30 Summoner Noob, Happy Noob, Magical Noob, Million Noob and Golden Noob!
0:23:33 Civilian Noob!
0:24:58 There's an invisible Stairs to the Sky Leader Noob!

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-- Find the Noobs 2 By NOOBEstudios

-- About Find the Noobs 2
Welcome to Find the Noobs 2! Search through worlds, collect noobs and rebirth! Use coins to upgrade your character and unlock legendary hats from crates! Find noobs with friends and meet new friends along the way!

Roblox Find the Noobs 2 Created 2/23/2018, Updated 5/30/2019, Max Players 30, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, #FindtheNoobs2)

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