Roblox Find the Domos Gamelog - September 22 2018

Roblox Find the Domos Gamelog - September 22 2018


Roblox Find the Domos Gameplay! CUTE DOMO! See Desc for Location of Domos! LOUD WARNING!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:14 First Domo is a giveaway at spawn - Classic Domo!
0:00:52 Teamwork Domo - You need a friend to help on this Domo!
0:01:36 Pink Domo!
0:03:19 Green Domo!
0:03:47 Chocolate Domo!
0:04:41 Earth Domo - Go in the house and click on the Globe!
0:05:28 Secret Mouse Domo!
0:06:17 Secret Cheese Domo!
0:06:38 Go into the VIP Portal to find some more Domos!
0:08:14 Shoop Da Whoop Domo!
0:09:00 THE FINAL DOMO but you can't get it if you have not collected the rest!
0:09:38 You have to find Seven Color Keys and get here to open something!
0:10:22 Trying to Cheat but you can't cheat OOF!
0:12:10 Rainbow Domo!
0:12:18 Polka Dot Domo!
0:12:26 Teal Domo!
0:13:16 Sunset Domo - You have to wait at this spot for it to appear!
0:13:24 Purple Domo!
0:14:29 Ice Domo!
0:15:20 Touch the penguin to go to a secret realm to get a Domo - I didn't get it!
0:15:48 There's a domo under the rock but I can't get it either!
0:16:05 Zombie Domo - Go to this rock for a secret area teleport!
0:17:21 Black Domo!
0:17:47 Orange Domo!
0:19:25 Tire Domo!
0:19:50 Top Hat Domo!
0:20:36 Another Domo Location but I can't get to it!
0:21:36 Greay Domo!
0:24:19 A mysterious Domo spawns here and disappeared!
0:24:45 Sand Domo!
0:26:30 Caveman Domo - Go to this waterfall and enter the secret area!
0:29:50 Jedi Domo - In the cave in the winter land!
0:31:33 White Domo!
0:32:07 That Balloon Domo flys all over the map so good luck catching it!
0:33:14 Snow Domo!
0:33:54 Red Domo - Go into the Volcano!
0:33:58 Cookie Domo - In the Volcano, go to this corner!
0:36:18 Camo Domo on this tree!
0:40:32 SPACE DOMO - Secret Area Behind Top Hat Domo!
0:45:09 Flipped Domo - Secret area infront of the white Domo!
0:47:33 ROBUX DOMO!
0:48:14 Slime Domo!
0:52:10 Cardboard Domo!
0:52:56 Rose Domo!
0:55:36 Pirate Domo - Board the pirate ship behind the castle!
0:58:07 Monkey Domo - Climb up this tree with banana on the island the ship bring you to!

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-- Roblox Find the Domos by Planet3arth

-- About Find the Domos!
Collect 147 differently assorted Domos, whose theme works as a hint for their hidden location (most of the time).

Roblox Laser Tag Created 3/28/2011, Updated 9/14/2018, Max Players 24, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #FindtheDomos)

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Roblox Laser Tag Gameplay! Fun Capture the FLAG game! LOUD WARNING! -

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