Roblox Escape Room Gamelog - October 24 2018

Roblox Escape Room Gamelog - October 24 2018


???? Roblox Escape Room Gameplay! How to get the Niffler and Imaginary Companion Hallow's Eve Event Items! Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:52 Go to this case in the lobby of the game - click it to start the quest of Niffler Companioin!
0:01:58 Go to the LEFT (SINGLE PLAYER) games!
0:02:12 Click on SELECT MAP - choose the map - Treasure Cave!
0:03:05 Once the map loaded, chase and touch the Niffler to catch it!
0:03:31 Once the game says SUCCESS, you can reset or rejoin the game - you don't need to finish the escape room map!
0:04:12 Go into the Single Player games again - this time enter the map - PRISON BREAK!
0:05:05 Click on the Niffler under the prison cell bed!
0:05:16 Click on the blanket on the bed and click on the shelf handle to collect it!
0:05:25 Click on the backpack on the bottom left of screen - click on handle - then click on the shelf!
0:06:00 Find a key to the shelf under the candle on the table!
0:06:10 Use the key to open the shelf to get a CELL LOCK KEY!
0:06:27 Open the cell door with this key!
0:06:38 Click on the chair and screwdriver to collect them!
0:06:56 Go back to the cell, equip the chair and click on the vent above!
0:07:08 Equipt the Screwdriver to open the vent door!
0:07:17 Remember the pattern (every game has different pattern)!
0:07:21 The Niffler is hiding in a corner, click it!
0:07:36 Go out of the cell, click on Niffler again - Behind the potted plant!
0:07:47 Now to try to escape the room! - key in the pattern you saw just now in the vent!
0:07:59 Door opens, click on the wire cutter!
0:08:06 Go to the cell bed (click on the stick under the bed)!
0:08:29 Go back up to the VENT and use the wire cutter to cut the wire in the box!
0:08:45 Use the stick to get the key on the top shelf!
0:09:19 Use the key on the DOOR LOCK!
0:11:09 Now to finish both quest at once - Go to the Multiplayer and enter Twilight Manor map!
0:13:51 Get the key from the fountain!
0:14:06 Get this hatchet!
0:14:20 Equip the hatchet to remove planks on the door! Then equip the key to open door!
0:15:22 Solve the puzzle to open the door! Everybody gets a different puzzle but if your team solve it, it will open for all!
0:15:36 Catch Niffler for one last time!
0:16:02 Get this study key on the chair!
0:17:00 Find the Study room and use the key to open the door - solve a math puzzle - the answer is 1334!
0:18:10 Go back to the other room and click on the old radio - key in 1334!
0:18:33 Go into the maze and find an Ancient RING!
0:21:35 You can use the ring to open this door with the statue!
0:22:19 Go back to the book shelf room and click on the light! Set the colours shown on the wall on the books on the book shelf!
0:23:42 Get a key from one of the boxes on this shelf! This key opens the last door!
0:24:17 Find four books with number and colours on them!
0:24:42 Click on the pad on the fireplace - Key in the number 9713!
0:25:17 Click on the book!
0:25:57 Witch bloxikin in the library!
0:26:37 Headlesshourseman bloxikin in the art and music room!
0:26:57 Devil bat bloxikin in the statue room!
0:27:37 Witch bloxikin in the secret room behind the shelf that opens!
0:28:11 Last reaper bloxikin in the room where you chased the Niffler!
0:28:22 Put the Bloxikins in place! Then click on the doll! Walk out the door and you got your Imaginary Companion!
0:30:30 Remember to go back to the lobby and click on the case to get your Hiffler Companion!

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