Roblox Epic Egg Hunt 2021 Gamelog - April 14 2021

Roblox Epic Egg Hunt 2021 Gamelog - April 14 2021


In this video, I am playing Roblox Epic Egg Hunt 2021! I am Playing this Easter Egg Hunt game in Roblox and I will show you where all the eggs you need to complete the game are at (location of eggs are in the timeline description)!

This is not official ROBLOX staff Egg Hunt. It's just a tribute! Find and click on the eggs to collect them and progress through different world stages in the game!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:

0:02:05 Chicken Egg!

0:02:23 Farm Egg!

0:02:38 Top of Barn Egg!

0:02:51 Well Egg!

0:03:35 Loft Egg!

0:04:03 Barnstormer Egg!

0:04:12 Cellar Egg!

0:04:46 Haystack Egg!

0:05:14 Entering next area - Town!

0:05:25 Box Egg!

0:05:53 Closet Egg!

0:06:18 On the House Egg!

0:06:30 Chimney Egg!

0:07:17 Secret Bookshelf Egg!

0:07:57 Awning Egg!

0:08:24 Car Egg!

0:09:00 Fence Post Egg!

0:09:22 Entering next area - Restaurant!

0:09:48 Love Egg!

0:10:18 Cheeseburger Egg!

0:10:42 Obby Egg!

0:11:15 Watermelon Egg!

0:11:20 Drive Thru Egg!

0:11:45 Roof Egg!

0:12:00 Rotten Egg!

0:12:10 Bush Egg!

0:12:20 Entering next area - Cave!

0:12:30 Dynamite Egg!

0:12:48 Spelunker Egg!

0:13:04 Underground Pool Egg!

0:13:23 Lady Bug Egg!

0:13:51 Explosive Egg!

0:14:21 Deep pit Egg!

0:14:30 Ledge Egg!

0:14:47 Cave Exit Egg! Entering Next World - Volcano!

0:15:26 Nest Egg!

0:15:35 Lava Egg!

0:15:55 Tail Egg!

0:16:15 Swamp Egg!

0:16:38 Volcano Egg!

0:18:00 T Rex Egg!

0:18:09 Tall Tree Egg!

0:19:10 There's a Spider Egg on this podium (don't know why not showing on my screen)!

0:19:56 Hollow Log Egg!

0:20:17 Entering next area!

0:21:00 Pot of Gold Egg!

0:21:15 Double Rainbow Egg! (not showing on my screen again)!

0:21:35 Crescent Egg!

0:22:00 False Window Egg!

0:22:30 Wrecking Ball Egg!

0:23:20 Tower Egg!

0:23:37 Leap of Faith Egg!

0:23:54 Castle Egg!

0:24:24 Entering next area!

0:24:27 Troll Egg!

0:24:50 Giant Rainbow Egg!

0:25:05 Cloud Igloo Egg!

0:25:50 Doge Egg!

0:26:05 Death Star Egg!

0:26:14 Jack-O-Lantern Egg!

0:26:28 Chocolate Egg!

0:26:40 Under Tile Egg!

0:26:48 Stacked Tile Egg!

0:27:25 Grumpy Cat Egg!

0:28:30 Parking Lot Tent Egg and Pipe Egg!

0:28:50 Next world!

0:29:14 Pizza Box Egg!

0:29:21 Nightshift Egg!

0:30:00 Scary Egg!

0:30:50 Animatronic Egg!

0:31:22 Game Center Egg!

0:31:52 Maintenance Room Egg!

0:32:15 Locker Egg!

0:32:28 Gift Egg!

0:33:22 Toilet Egg!

0:34:25 Platformer Egg and Spinner Egg!

0:34:48 Circle Rainbow Egg and Round Rainbow Egg!

0:35:12 Revolving Door Egg!

0:35:45 Propeller Egg!

0:35:52 Conveyor Belt Egg!

0:36:00 Swinging Hammer Egg!

0:36:17 Gym Mat Egg!

0:36:34 Merry Go Round Egg!

0:36:55 Strong Egg!

0:37:05 Trash Can Egg!

0:37:23 Rubber Ducky Egg!

0:37:36 Carnival Egg!

0:37:57 Big Slide Egg!

0:38:37 Tree Branch Egg!

0:39:18 Ferris Wheel Egg!

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-- Roblox Epic Egg Hunt 2021 By Chukles82

-- About Epic Egg Hunt 2021

Update 2: Added egg catalogue that showcases all the eggs and which ones haven't been collected yet. Accessed by clicking magnifying glass at top left of screen.

Update 1: Fixed bug that broke Carnival "Strong Egg" on some servers. 

???? Run, jump, swim, AND crawl to find 100 unique eggs. ????

????‍♂️ Progress is saved, so play and come back to continue any time!


Pick up eggs / use items - Click (Computer), Tap (Mobile)

**This is not official ROBLOX staff Egg Hunt. It's just a tribute.????**

Roblox Epic Egg Hunt 2021 Created 3/11/2021, Updated 4/10/2021, Max Players 25, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, Roblox, Epic Egg Hunt 2021, Easter Egg Hunt 2021, Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2021, Egg Hunt 2021, Roblox Egg Hunt 2021, Egg Locations, Eggs Locations)

-- Yesterday Gamelog


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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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