Roblox Destroy The Snow Queen Gamelog - May 22 2019

Roblox Destroy The Snow Queen Gamelog - May 22 2019

♕ Roblox DESTROY THE SNOW QUEEN Gameplay! Can we DO IT? I AM Medic and SNOW QUEEN! Loud Warning!

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0:02:35 I got a badge just by visiting the KFC downstairs!
0:03:06 Round 1!
0:07:05 Buying a torch Color!
0:08:34 Round 2!
0:09:54 Round 3!
0:12:47 Round 4!
0:14:29 Round 5! Chocolate is the Snow Queen! We defeated the CHOCOLATE ICE QUEEN!
0:19:45 Round 6! I am a MEDIC!
0:23:38 Ok I am buying to be SNOW QUEEN the next round!
0:26:23 The Medic actually ran away and HIDE!

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-- DESTROY THE SNOW QUEEN [NEW] By The Queen Studios

???? Do you have the power to Destroy the powerful Snow Queen? Can you survive her Frost guards and her deadly Ice Screams? ????‍♂️
Play to enjoy a full experience of being a Survivor, Medic or even the mighty Snow Queen herself. ????

Roblox DESTROY THE SNOW QUEEN Created 3/21/2019, Updated 4/14/2019, Max Players 15, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, #DestroyTheSnowQueen)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox eg - testing Gameplay! Location of all 9 Portals!

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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