Roblox Creeper Chaos Gamelog - August 10 2020

Roblox Creeper Chaos Gamelog - August 10 2020


In this video, I played Roblox Creeper CHAOS! I played Creeper Chaos and I am the CREEPER QUEEN! Creeper CHAOS is a building-survival game. In this game, players are given a selection of blocks to build defenses on a timer. After the timer is up, some players will will be chosen at random to become Creepers, you would not know who will be the creeper before the timer is up so everybody has to help building just in case you are not the creeper and you need the towers or house to hide from the Creepers. The Creepers need to kill all of the remaining players before the timer runs out, when you get killed by a creeper in the round, you get to re-spawn as a Creeper, which means a round would start with only a few creepers but when the Creepers kill more players the number of creepers will multiply - sort of like infection mode!

The character of Creeper originated from the Minecraft game. Creepers are a hostile mob. Possibly the most iconic mob of the Minecraft Universe, Creepers spawn in darkness, but unlike other mobs, they will not burn in sunlight. They silently move toward the player if close enough, and will blow up the player or building. A Creeper attacks by exploding, potentially causing tons of damage to both the player and the environment. The destruction of nearby blocks can be a nuisance for players; Creepers blow holes in buildings and structures. However, creepers cannot explode certain blocks, such as Obsidian.

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0:02:00 Just joined the game and still in time to build!

0:03:59 The round started and I am a Creeper! CREEPER QUEEN!

0:08:30 We lost with two humans left!

0:08:54 Time to rebuild again!

0:12:28 New round!

0:13:13 Me and Chocolate dying together!

0:13:44 I get to be a Creeper Queen again!

0:19:13 Couldn't get the last human player!

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-- Roblox Creeper CHAOS By RVVZ

-- About Roblox Creeper CHAOS

Welcome to Creeper Chaos By RVVZ

Roblox Creeper CHAOS Created 8/3/2019, Updated 4/21/2020, Max Players 10, Genre Building. (Online Multiplayer Game, Creeper CHAOS, Creeper queen, Creeper)

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