Roblox Crazy Bank Heist Obby Gamelog - March 22 2019

Roblox Crazy Bank Heist Obby Gamelog - March 22 2019


???? Roblox Crazy Bank Heist Obby Gameplay! Adventure Obby With LIMITED LIFE! VERY HARD! Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:04:01 You have to go to the shop here to get a worker's uniform before entering the obby!
0:05:26 Obby Begins in the subway!
0:06:37 Underground Temple!
0:07:48 Now to find a key to open the door to the Boss Fight!
0:10:10 Got my key to the door but not the Boss Door!
0:11:20 Finally Got the Key to the Boss Door!
0:12:14 BOSS FIGHT! I ran out of lives and had to buy more life at this stage!
0:13:40 I DID IT!
0:14:17 Got a Keycard!
0:14:37 This Cannon Ball is hard to get across!
0:15:27 Back to the subway to open the door with the keycard!
0:15:30 You have to make a RUN for it on this stage! Just to pull a lever!
0:16:22 Getting on the train was a bad idea!
0:17:02 Entering another mysterious Temple!
0:17:35 We have to help the Flying Dutchman find his Ship's Wheel!
0:18:08 You have to touch this time travel hour glass and SCURRY!
0:18:29 I got a key to the small house!
0:18:44 Entered the house with my last life!
0:19:50 I found the wheel!
0:21:42 I made it to the next portal! Found the Digger!
0:22:13 We are in the bank! Walk to the ladder and then walk to a red square!
0:22:40 Oh my that's a lot of LASERS!
0:25:53 Found Dynamites to blow open the vault door!
0:26:34 We are robbing the bank!
0:27:49 We got captured to jail!
0:28:26 Last 3 life and I will not spend more robux on this game! WILL I MAKE IT?
0:30:34 I made it to the control room with my last life!
0:31:29 Sorry I didn't make it!

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-- Roblox Crazy Bank Heist Obby By PlatinumFalls

-- About Crazy Bank Heist Obby
This Bank robbery is like no other. Make your way though crazy underground cities and battle your way though monsters. Explore ancient temples and find hidden treasure. This bank heist isn't exactly a walk in the park, The levels will get harder as you progress.
-All new lives system
-Collect the 50 Blox coins for a reward
-Battle bosses
-Escape from prison
-Explore the land of the dead

Roblox Crazy Bank Heist Obby Created 12/23/2014, Updated 3/17/2019, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #CrazyBankHeistObby)

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