Roblox Cooking Legends Gamelog - January 06 2020

Roblox Cooking Legends Gamelog - January 06 2020


???? Roblox Cooking Legends Gameplay! 7 Working Codes! Come to My McBlocks Restaurant! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : RELEASE
Code 3 : GRAVY
Code 4 : SENIAC
Code 5 : REX
Code 6 : FOOLS
Code 7 : KITTENS

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:01:34 Tutorial for the game!
0:03:17 Taking order and making some food!
0:05:50 Codes Time!
0:08:45 Changing the color of my Restaurant!
0:11:00 I need a Janitor!
0:11:31 What should I name my Restaurant!
0:11:53 OK we will stick with McBlocks! We sell Blocks Mac!
0:18:09 Adding more stove and register!
0:19:31 Employing more workers!
0:21:45 Watch the top half of the screen! Chocolate went flying!
0:22:36 Doing some Expand and Upgrades!
0:24:52 Lets start expanding the restaurant!
0:17:52 Visiting all my friends Restaurant!

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-- Roblox Cooking Legends By 450 Degrees Interactive

-- About Cooking Legends
Welcome to Chef's Life! Create your own restaurant adventure from waiting tables, designing & cooking world-class cuisines! Have a restaurant that has the walls popping with music! The choice is yours. ????

Roblox Cooking Legends Created 1/3/2020, Updated 1/5/2020, Max Players 6, Genre Building. (Online Multiplayer Game, Cooking Legends, Working Codes)

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