Roblox BLOB Simulator Gamelog - November 13 2018

Roblox BLOB Simulator Gamelog - November 13 2018


???? BLOB Simulator Gameplay! 9 Codes! Kawaii CUTE Egg! LOUD WARNING!

Code 1 : freecommonegg
Code 2 : mybad
Code 3 : betatester
Code 4 : releaseday
Code 5 : carnival
Code 6 : space
Code 7 : coins2
Code 8 : enjoyatreat
Code 9 : ferriswheel

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:29 Codes time!
0:06:08 Checking out the pet store!
0:06:16 Buying a Rare Egg - it hatched a COMMON Blue Blob Buddy!
0:07:53 Buying a Kawaii Cute Egg - Got a Cute Bear Buddy!
0:08:33 Checking out the shop!
0:09:38 Getting a Happy Unicorn Bag and a Gold Blob Vacuum!
0:11:09 Going to the first Red Blob Boss Portal!
0:12:12 Upgrading my backpack again - buying the Lollipop Bag!
0:12:47 Second try on buying a Rare Egg - I got the same COMMON Blue Blob Buddy again!

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-- Roblox BLOB Simulator By White Hat Studios.

-- About BLOB Simulator
Welcome to BLOB Simulator, a brand new game where you can explore a huge map, collect blobs, upgrade your blob weapon and bag, and be the parent to adorable pets! Will you be able to become the next blob coin millionaire?
???? 6 NEW ZONES! Come explore new planets in space!!
???? NEW PETS! One new pet egg, 5 new pets, can you collect them all?
???? NEW BOSS! Come fight the space boss!
???? VIP Realm Fixed!
???? Coin bug fixed!
???? and much more surprises!

Roblox BLOB Simulator Created 10/13/2018, Updated 11/12/2018, Max Players 8, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, #BlobSimulator)

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