Roblox Balloon Simulator Gamelog - March 7 2019

Roblox Balloon Simulator Gamelog - March 7 2019


???? Roblox Balloon Simulator Gameplay! 3 Codes! Reached all the worlds and got cool Pets! LOUD WARNING!

Code 1 : Scotty
Code 2 : Turtle
Code 3 : Goald

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0:01:02 Codes Time!
0:01:37 Got a turtle pet from the code!
0:02:50 Bought the Infinite Balloon backpack! BUT IT DIDN'T WORK! I think you have to either wait a very long time or You have to rejoin a completely NEW SERVER!
0:04:36 Chocolate gave me two pets!
0:05:15 Going to the shop to get a new Helium Tank!
0:05:57 Lets get started with the cloud jumping and discover the new worlds!
0:06:40 Reached the first world - Tropical Paradise! The chest is shared! Somebody else collected it and I can't collect it!
0:07:31 Reached the second world - Ancient Greece
0:08:58 Reached the Third World - Candy Land!
0:11:06 Reached the last World - Archerville!
0:12:23 Waiting to collect this CHEST!
0:12:55 Going back to candyland to buy some eggs!
0:13:15 Getting some Angelic Pet Eggs!
0:13:20 I got an Angel and two Giraffe!

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-- Roblox Balloon Simulator By BloxCrafters

-- About Balloon Simulator
Welcome to ???? Balloon Simulator ????
Pump up your balloon, jump and fly high to discover new areas such as Candy land and more! Once clouds are out of reach, you may need to upgrade your Balloon to get even higher! Buy and Trade pets for benefits that may improve your stats! Good luck and enjoy!

Roblox Balloon Simulator Created 1/16/2019, Updated 3/7/2019, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #BalloonSimulator)

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