Adsense Approval Trick 2018 : How To Get Google Adsense Approval In 1 Minute

Adsense approval trick will tell you how to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute. Every blogger or webmaster is looking for some extra income from their blog or website.

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We all know Adsense is the best source of income for bloggers. But getting a Google Adsense account approved is a difficult procedure.

This littile google adsense account approval trick will help you achieve that.

Google Adsense being the best publisher platform, everyone wants to join it. But Google has strict policies for activating Adsense account for a website or blog.

They have the strict policidies for websmaster that needs to be fullfilled before applying for google adsense account. If you don't follw their policies you will never get approved.

Yes, it is difficult to get Google Adsense account activated but not impossible. If you have developed a website keeping everything in mind which we will be discussing further in this article, then getting a fully activated Adsense account is a cake walk.

This google adsense approval trick will help you to design your blog as per the requirements of google adsense so that you dont leave any stone unturned.

However, activation of Adsense account is completely on google but by following these Adsense approval tricks it will be easy for Google to know everything about you and your blog before taking a decision for Adsense account activation and rejection.

I know Google Adsense is the best but it is not the last option. There are many alternatives to Google Adsense that can be chosen before you get the adsense approval.

Let us move ahead with the Adsense approval trick. Just follow the tricks before applying for Google Adsense account.


Let's Go Ahead With Google Adsense Approval Trick


Domain Name & Hosting

Domain name plays an important role and it makes the first impression on everyone who is visiting your blog. You should always keep in mind the important things while selecting a domain name.

Hosting also plays an important role in Google Adsense approval. You should always go for best SEO web hosting for your blog. If you are still wondering to select the best hosting for your website then here is a great deal for you.


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Google generally prefers TLD ( Top Level Domain) name. Top level domain name are generally (.com, .net, .org, etc).

Top level domain name generally ranks higher on the google search result. It helps webmaster to get more and more traffic from search engines.

Google also prefers website getting traffic from search engines rather than any other source.

If you are a beginner than always go for a top-level domain name.

If you are already running a website and getting a significant amount of traffic than also google will consider your website for Adsense activation.